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  1. The Manticore Axe is the weapon of choice for Leekter of The Grustrag Three and Sprag, as well as the Tusk Reavers. Lieutenant Lech Kril originally used the Manticore before he was reworked, and he now uses the Brokk hammer instead. Manticore Scindo is shown to be of Grineer design, as seen in the Chemical Lab's display. Patch History.
  2. You see a manticore. I'm spotting my next meal Notes Manticores have the body of a lion with a human face, leathery wings and a huge scorpion tail. The sting carries a kind of paralytic venom. They are lethal predators which have a preference for human flesh. Manticores devour their victims with triple rows of teeth, leaving behind not even the bones. Therefore, the human population of.
  3. Manticores are large, lion-like flying Creatures of Grimm first encountered in the episode "Argus Limited" in RWBY Volume 6. Manticores have the body and head of a lion, wings of a predatory bird and the tail of a scorpion. They also have black fur and feathers, with white bone-like spines on their bodies, including a white lion skull and a large, crown-like mane of bone. A pair of bull horns.
  4. Corey the Manticore is a major character in the Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. She is a manticore restaurant owner who the Lightfoot Brothers (Ian and Barley) go to for help on their quest. Centuries ago, Corey, known simply as'The Manticore', was a fearless adventurer known throughout the land by many intrepid explorers, warriors, and wizards. She opened up her own tavern.
  5. The Manticore is a Assault Rifle, a primary weapon in The Cycle.. Summary [edit | edit source]. Intended for use in pressurized environments, the Manticore was designed for more militaristic use than the compact anoferzitofetibucknessivovil.xyzinfoeight, accurate, and lethal, it's seen use by marines both performing as and defending against boarding parties.
  6. The Manticore is a British tier 10 light tank. A light tank project with an oscillating turret for providing anti-tank defense behind infantry positions. No prototypes were built, and it existed only in blueprints. The Manticore marks the end of its British light line.
  7. Manticore is a name used by several villains and heroes in the DC anoferzitofetibucknessivovil.xyzinfo original was a Greek man who became a member of the terrorist group anoferzitofetibucknessivovil.xyzinfo body was surgically altered, and he wore an exo-skeleton that could shoot claws out of his hands and grenades out of his tail.

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