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I Got No

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  1. Jun 29,  · I Got You Lyrics: We need to get away / We don’t need no stress / We don’t need no stress / You might be rough around the edges / But them edges look good / I got .
  2. Mar 14,  · I got no time, I got no time to live, I got no time to live, and I can't say good bye, And I'm regretting having memories Of my friends who they used to be Beside me before they left me to die. and I know this is I know this is the truth, Cause I've been staring at my death so many times, These scary monsters roaming in the halls.
  3. Nina Simone Ain't Got No I've Got Life dalszöveg: I ain't got no home, ain't got no shoes, / Ain't got no money, ain't go.
  4. I Got No Lyrics: When you're Dying - giving up hope / Living for smoking dope / Singing that same old song / Yeah yeah yeah it's always the same / I got no - nothing in mind / I was trya new.
  5. (You) got it? 1. Do you understand and agree to abide by what I just said? Usually used at the end of threats or demands. If I ever catch you smoking cigarettes again, I will ground you for three months straight, you got it? From now on, you report to me and me alone, got it? 2. Are you able to do a particular task? You got it? Or do you need help.
  6. We Ain't Got No Podcasts. We Ain’t Got No Podcast — Episode Will this be Chelsea’s most important transfer window? We Ain’t Got No Podcast — Episode Should Chelsea look to.
  7. "America’s Got Talent," NBC’s No. 1 summer show, returns in May with fresh new faces and familiar favorites, along with the excitement, thrills and feel-good performances that viewers have.
  8. Often used to mean "don't have any," it literally means the opposite. ain't was originally a contraction of "am not" or "are not," and should only be used in the first person. However, as it has still not been accepted into "proper" English like its counterparts won't and can't, few people see any problem with further "misuse" of the word. "I ain't got no money" literally means "I am not got.

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