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  1. Thankfully his songwriting and playing matches his technical ear, and Miasma still sounds good years after its initial emergence. So much of what would become mainstays of Bevis Frond music -- Saloman's hangdog, expressive voice, his tape-melting solos, and overall focus on keeping the psychedelic freak-out spirit alive -- was already perfectly 8/
  2. An obsolete term for a harmful or noxious atmosphere, emanation or exhalation; an evil humour. Segen's Medical Dictionary. © Farlex, Inc.
  3. Dec 11,  · Miasma: A poisonous vapor or mist believed to be made up of particles from decomposing material that could cause disease and could be identified by its foul smell. The miasma theory of disease originated in the Middle Ages and persisted for centuries.
  4. Jan 31,  · Miasma theory originated in the dark ages in Europe and Asia and continued to be popular well into the 19th century but with the invention of the microscope and the discovery of germs the theory started to fall out of favor by the mid 19th century and by nearly all doctors and scientists had abandoned miasma in favor of germ theory/10(4).
  5. Jul 30,  · In miasma theory, it was believed that diseases were caused by the presence in the air of a miasma, a poisonous vapour in which were suspended particles of decaying matter that was characterised by its foul smell. The theory originated in the Middle Ages and .
  6. Miasma is a psycho-spiritual inherited distortion created by trauma, abuse, fear based belief systems and Soul Fragmentation which, over time, was genetically encoded in human DNA, and resulted in various forms of dis-ease or imbalance.. These dis-ease patterns are energetic blockages in our body and are encoded and passed down in negative ego behaviors or flawed DNA code design from.
  7. Medical Definition of miasma: a vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or of putrescent matter) formerly believed to cause disease (as malaria) Other Words from miasma miasmal \ -​məl \ adjective.
  8. The miasma theory only stated the bad air or miasma was the main cause of every disease, but, according to germ theory, the diseases are spread and caused by the presence and actions of specific micro-organisms within the body through many mediums such as water, food, and anoferzitofetibucknessivovil.xyzinfo: Ajesh Kannadan.

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