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Divide To Conqueer - Eon (4) - Unscared (CD, Album)

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  1. Each track on an album should have its own unique title, or language that distinguishes it as a unique version of another song on the same album. The information that identifies a track as a unique version should appear after the track title in parenthesis (i.e., Track Title (Live)).
  2. Dec 08,  · And the band and album that I forgot was Stereogram's "Shmack", good album, that and 71 other CDs, please like and leave comments below.
  3. Nov 22,  · The album will serve as N.E.R.D’s fifth studio album — their first in over seven years following ’s Nothing. The tracklist, which can be seen below, boasts a variety of notable guest.
  4. The Compact Disc never had quite the appeal of vinyl, with its less impressive artwork and less involvement in the process of putting a CD on (no need to place a stylus in the right place, or be so careful in handling). Having said that, I think the so-called vinyl revival is overrated and vinyl sales are still much lower than CD sales.
  5. EON Records is the record label home for Nicole DeCosta, Dan Reed, John Thayer, 28if, Sharp Turn and Black 'N Blue. Tommy Thayer, lead guitarist of KISS (replacing Ace Frehley), and his brother John operate EON Records.
  6. The format still comprises 51% of full album sales, according to Nielsen’s research, and looking beyond industry totals, there are still genres where the CD makes up a plurality of consumption.
  7. A CD has a single spiral track of data, circling from the inside of the disc to the outside. The fact that the spiral track starts at the center means that the CD can be smaller than inches (12 cm) if desired, and in fact there are now plastic baseball cards and business cards that you can put in a CD player.
  8. Apr 29,  · The Music CD is on the brink of going the way of cassette tapes, 8 tracks, and vinyl. The L.A. Times recently found that 48% of teenagers did not buy a single music CD last year. A shocking statistic. So what’s happening? Is the plummet of the CD tied to illegal filesharing/P2P (Peer to Peer) activity as some are speculating?

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